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Meet the BPS Team

We’ve been growing steadily since 2010 by giving our clients the right advice at the right time.
Our Secret is simple

We make sure we’re experts in the advice we give, the solutions we recommend and the service we deliver.

So, while we each bring specialist skills to the table, our clients also benefit from a collaborative approach to developing bespoke solutions that add value for our clients.

Our only goal for ourselves? To be even better tomorrow than we are today. 


Aidan McMullan

“I’ve been in my role with BPS for a few years now and I love the culture here: we deliver exceptional service by working as a team. We all share the same values, and everyone will pitch in when the pressure is on. So, I always feel supported and that makes me confident that we can achieve great results for our clients. There’s nothing like the feeling of getting ahead of a client’s underwriting journey to put them in a better financial position now and in the years to come.

I’m a family man first and foremost and my favourite thing is spending time with my three great kids. Working a 4-day week enables me to have the best of all worlds – I get to pursue my professional ambitions in a supportive environment AND I get to pick the kids up from school. It’s the perfect balance.”

Case Manager

Ben Hughes

“I joined BPS on an Apprenticeship after completing a HND in Business Studies and it’s been the best possible start to my career. I love helping people and so this job is very rewarding for me. It’s such a good feeling to help someone buy their first home or to give them the peace of mind that comes with having policies in place for a rainy day.

I enjoy every part of the job, from communicating with clients and building relationships, to submitting applications and putting policies in place. It’s great to be able to tell people their financial safety net is in place, and I love bringing new clients on board. It’s easy to go the extra mile because we’re all working together to help each other help our clients, and I’ll often find myself recommending BPS to friends and businesses.

When I’m not at work, I help out with Dungannon Swifts and football is a big part of my life! You could say I’m goal oriented in everything I do!”

Case Manager

Ciara McGeown

“I studied Law but I’m so glad I’m now making my career in financial services. I really enjoy getting a favourable outcome for clients by helping them to get the policy or product that has a positive impact on their life and gives them peace of mind. It really helps that BPS are a leader in this area, so I’m working with and learning from the best. Client service is always at the forefront of my mind and I’m very conscious of how I can help make the process less stressful and more efficient for my clients.

Everyone here is welcoming and friendly and always ready to help each other out. And, of course, we work in such a healthy way. The four-day week means I can do more of what I love – horse-riding and spending time with my family. I also get to spend more time with my golden retriever, many cats, friends and family, all of which helps my health and wellbeing.”

Executive PA to Company Directors

Helen Harkness

“I tell everyone I meet I have the best job and I work with the best people. My role is incredibly busy and varied, and I never know what new challenge will come my way, but I thrive on learning new tasks that help me to grow as a person. We work hard and we have a collective goal to be the very best at what we do, and - most importantly - we all know our clients come first.

I’m so proud of our team and what we achieve every day. There’s no hierarchy, everyone has a voice and its never boring! Plus, our four-day week allows me to enjoy lots of flexibility. That’s important because I used to feel stressed trying to fit everything into the weekend and my hobbies and relaxing time would always take a back seat. Now I can make plans, take time out for myself, and do what I really love – spending time with family, friends and my dogs whilst cooking up a storm in the kitchen!”

Operations Manager

Jenny Kerbache

“I joined BPS after 18 years in retail management, where I learned the importance of building strong customer relationships and always developing professionally. At BPS, we refuse to accept mediocrity – we are all driven to deliver a world class service to our clients. The standards here are higher than anywhere I have ever worked before and it’s an environment that I’m extremely proud to be part of.

That being said, we try not to take ourselves too seriously as people either – we do enjoy a laugh in work and a good team night out every so often to let our hair down!

My favourite part of the job is when we get a great outcome for a client, because when you really believe in what you are doing it’s not really work. I come to the office every day knowing that we’re doing something special.”

Case Manager

Jillian Farr

“I joined BPS after a career in retail, looking for a new career path, fresh challenge and to work with a supportive team. I get all of that here and more: there’s an open loop for feedback and our voices are heard. I love the medical aspect of the work, and finding the right home for a client’s insurance application. It’s so rewarding to achieve a good outcome for a client and we do that a lot! It’s great feeling to put people in a more secure position and I love the freedom we get to think outside of the box.

The day flies in and because we work a four-day week, I have more time to hang out with my husband, two poodles and cat! I’m also a bit of a gaming and Harry Potter nerd, so if you’re rewatching the movies, give me a shout. I’m in!”


John McComiskey

“I founded BPS in 2010, having returned from overseas with the ambitious idea of providing fellow professionals and their clients with business protection services. I’d seen a gap while working in senior accountancy and finance jobs in London and Sydney, and while I knew it wouldn’t be easy, I was sure I could service it.

Today, we continue to help clients in this niche area of specialism. I thrive on meeting with our clients, quickly determining how best we can help, getting the team up to speed and delivering the solution to our high standards.

I’m proud of our team and how we are evolving as a business. Embracing the concept of a four-day week while also aiming to grow the business was a brave step to take but it’s really working for us. We’re fully engaged, more efficient and enjoy a better work/life balance. For me that means more family time, watching local sports, walking Thor and being ‘Dad’s Taxi’ – my second job!”   


Mark Laverty

“I’d built a career as a Chartered Accountant in Corporate Finance, and have always worked in places where the team felt like family. Here at BPS, I get to do even more of what I love – giving clients great advice when they need it most. And I get to do it in an environment where happiness and success are nurtured. Our clients are part of the family too. Of course I’m excited by the big picture strategy for growth we’re rolling out, but there’s nothing more rewarding than finding and building the right solution for someone. And that’s because A. I care and B. I like a challenge! Being curious helps me to find the right solutions. Plus, life is too short not to care about what you do and who you help.

The four-day week we all enjoy at BPS gives me real flexibility to be more present with my family. On Fridays, simple things like taking my daughter to swimming or picking my sons up from school really make the difference.” 

Business Development Executive

Paul McNally

“After 20 years in the automotive industry, I wanted a new challenge. John was a client, and we had a good working relationship, so he suggested we could work even better together. Now I’m part of a great team of Advisers and Administrators, enjoying the best possible work/life balance. My role is all about building client relationships, adding value and putting people into a better financial position. Some of those clients turn into friends which is really rewarding.

I’m enjoying our new way of working – it not only means I have more time for my wife, and my kids, Harry, Faith and Will, but also means I’m properly refreshed and recharged for the new working week.”

Mortgage & Insurance Adviser

Peter McComiskey

I didn’t set out to work in insurance, but the more I dabbled with BPS, the more I loved being able to help people to look after their financial security. I’m one of the original team members, so I’ve watched our hard work deliver success for our clients and grow the business.

Today, I’m proud to be part of a team full of unique personalities who all work so well together. My favourite part of the job is meeting people and getting to know their circumstances, whether they’re a first-time buyer, a family moving to their forever home or making sure they have the right cover in place for themselves and their kids. Our 4-day week means I get to enjoy more time with my wife & kids, an occasional (bad!) round of golf and getting my heart broken frequently by Manchester United!

Case Administrator

Timothy Wallace

“Working with BPS isn’t a world away from my previous career in banking, but I enjoy it more because I love helping our clients. My favourite part of the job, apart from getting the best possible cover for my clients, is working with our team. Everyone takes pride in every task, however small, and it all adds up to exceeding our client expectations. And I’m never fazed by any task as everyone is supportive and approachable - and our company values set the tone for every working day.

Working a four-day week also means we work better: we’re more efficient for our clients and they can see that. It also means I get more time to practice guitar. It’s a hobby I’ve had since my early teens and the perfect way to relax in the evening.”

Case Manager

Victoria Noade

“They say never work with children or animals! Well, I have a BSc in Zoology and am a qualified youth leader, so I’m pretty brave in lots of ways! With lots of experience gained in hospitality and property management, excellent customer service and problem-solving skills, I was looking for a new challenge when I found BPS. Here, I thrive on the fact that no two days are the same, I’m learning something every day and the client-focused approach is in line with my own values. We see everything through from start to finish and, because we’re a great team, we deliver great outcomes. There’s no one size fits all approach.

The downtime we enjoy counterbalances a busy work week and I get to go on adventures with my own dogs while helping rescue dogs to find their forever home. It’s so good to be able to say that right now, I’m both professionally and personally fulfilled.”