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Income Protection pay-out rate of 95%, surely it can't be that high?

20th April 2017

We offer expert advice on income protection for numerous business clients, and a question that should be asked by our clients, is will it pay out?

We believe our advice has to stand up to scrutiny and therefore statistics are helpful in demonstrating the facts. Maybe it is the accountant in us, however we believe numbers have an honesty.

Legal & General released their income protection claims stats for 2015 and it showed that 95% of all claims were paid. The key advice point surrounds why there was 5% not being successful claims. The reasons for unsuccessful claims are as follows:

  • 2% for misrepresentation
  • 1% for not meeting the criteria
  • 2% for financial underwriting issues

With appropriate advice from us, we can assist in ensuring the cover is implemented correctly based on correct health and lifestyle information as well as being at a financial level that is demonstrable.

By taking this advice it means, if you fall into a claim scenario, you are best positioned to be one of the 95%.

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