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The importance of working with accountants

10th January 2019

L&G's Richard Kateley quizzes two financial advisers with Chartered Accountancy backgrounds about meeting the protection needs of businesses.

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I know about Key Person cover, but what other areas should I consider for my business protection needs?

19th February 2018

There are an important number of areas where business protection insurance can mitigate real financial risks within a business.

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New Year New Goals - what is within your control?

17th January 2018

At this time of year it is very common to set new goals from both a personal and business perspective. But do you consider the areas you have limited control over?

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Don't Ignore the Numbers

15th January 2018

When we talk to clients about protecting themselves from risk, it is often difficult to appreiate what this actually means.

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What type of debt is your business exposed to?

14th December 2017

Many businesses may be familiar with having a life policy in place to repay the debt to the bank. However, what about the exposure to the business of other forms of debt?

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Confidence in advice you can trust

24th October 2017

We often meet new clients who are unsure of the exact detail of their current insurance plans. They are vaguely aware that they have something; it's usually 'connected to the mortgage' but they may not have considered the detail in many years.

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Sure all insurance providers are the same... Aren't they?

20th October 2017

Throughout our advisory and chartered accountancy careers, we have been specialists in carrying out the highest quality of due diligence for our clients' benefit. This means we go the extra mile.

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Tax doesn't need to be taxing!

22nd August 2017

The above slogan has been used by HMRC in the past, however it has always struck a chord with us as being often misunderstood.

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Is your life insurance working hard enough for you?

19th July 2017

One of the most common questions we encounter is: "Is my client's life insurance cover the best fit for purpose, or are there improvements to be made?"

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The C word

17th July 2017

A recent report by Macmillan Cancer Support has revealed the prevalence of new cancer diagnoses in UK society today. But the report goes further, looking not only at the statistics, but also our attitudes towards cancer

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Mind the Gap

20th June 2017

Many of the forums and workshops we go to as advisers, take great lengths to emphasise the so-called 'protection gap'. This is the number of people in the UK who have no insurance protection plans in place and the potential financial outcome if they are unable to meet their liabilities.

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What If?

22nd May 2017

Any robust protection portfolio will include both income protection and critical illness insurance. Whilst they both provide cover for ill-health, they provide different benefits and work in very different ways.

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Global cyber-attack warned as a "Wake-up Call". Is your business suitably protected?

15th May 2017

There has been a lot of press recently about the global cyber-attack, notably impacting the NHS throughout the UK. The impact an attack could have on an unprotected computer system could be catastrophic

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Guaranteed sick pay until retirement

24th April 2017

Imagine you've been made redundant and you're looking for a new job. You see two job adverts in the paper or online and at first, they appear identical.

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Income Protection pay-out rate of 95%, surely it can't be that high?

20th April 2017

We offer expert advice on income protection for numerous business clients, and a question that should be asked by our clients, is will it pay out?

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It's The Little Things

29th March 2017

It is difficult to imagine yourself having a serious or critical illness. We know that this does happen, but for most of us we tend not to think that anything so severe will keep us from being off work indefinitely.

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Corporate transactions - are you considering all the risks?

22nd March 2017

Our team recently attended the Northern Ireland Dealmakers Awards. This event celebrates the past years best corporate transactions such as company sales, acquisitions, management buy-outs to name just a few.

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Assuming We Can Cope

17th February 2017

Some families spend more on certain areas and less on others. The reality is that these payments, and the ability to make them, dictate your lifestyle.

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Save up to 49% on my life insurance.

17th February 2017

Our business clients appreciate the pertinent information we provide to them, enabling them to save money by structuring personal life insurance policies through their business.

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Growth Mode Engaged... Let's shoot for the stars!

27th January 2017

Very few of our clients would say the last decade has been a bed of roses for their business, and many owners say they have been some of the toughest years faced during their business lives.

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Sorry, Not Sorry

16th January 2017

We have written many blogs over the past few years. We've explained the importance of making sure you have your critical illness plans reviewed, to how income protection plans work by protecting the one thing upon which your home, your family and your lifestyle depends.

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The Value of a Parent

8th November 2016

We know that you can't put a value on the emotional importance of a parent to their children, but the work parents do around the home on a daily basis is often under estimated and undervalued.

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Key Person Protection or Ownership Protection... where is the need the greatest?

1st November 2016

Unless the need has been considered and there is an appropriate plan in place, we believe the answer is: Both need to be seriously considered.

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A Ship With No Lifeboats

11th October 2016

Would you take a journey on a ship knowing it had no lifeboats? No? Why? What if the boat runs into trouble and begins to sink?

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Albert Einstein - He knew a thing or two about a thing or two...

5th October 2016

A quote we find takes resonance in our approach to business was allegedly made by Albert Einstein: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

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How to Waste £10,000 on Life Cover

13th September 2016

For many people, the thought of reviewing your personal insurance not only gets pushed to the bottom of a to do list, but it also conjures up feelings of doubt and uncertainty.

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The Big "C" - a simple coin flip

7th September 2016

Naturally we do not enjoy talking about the downside of what may be ahead for us. Why would you want to? ...sure it won't happen to me.

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The Reality of Risk

22nd August 2016

Many commentators in the insurance industry talk about the 'insurance gap' and the number of people in the UK who do not currently have any form of insurance.

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Olympic Dreams

15th August 2016

Have you been following the Olympics in Rio? What an amazing display of dedication and drive the athletes have been showing. But what can we take from the world's best athletic achievements and relate to everyday business life?

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Protect your future - you have the choice!

25th July 2016

Only one person out of 10 has made any provision to prevent debt escalation if their salary is lost due to an accident, sickness or unemployment.

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The Greatest Asset of All?

15th July 2016

I have always been drawn to this type of thought. It speaks to me as being a progressive way of thinking for any employer wishing to develop not only their own experience, but more importantly their business's success.

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Legal & General complete research into the world of SME's

3rd July 2016

Legal & General completed research into the world of SME's in the UK. Check out some of the startling discoveries

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Life's big taboo subject

16th March 2016

Many of us may be uncomfortable talking to our families about death, but it's even more discomforting to think of our family being left financially vulnerable if the worst were to happen.

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Income Protection Matters

19th February 2016

Many of our blogs over the past few months have focused on the importance, and the benefits of having some way to protect your income. Should anything prevent you from being able to work, this can have disastrous consequences for your home, your family, and your lifestyle, particularly if this becomes long term.

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