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I know about Key Person cover, but what other areas should I consider for my business protection needs?

19th February 2018

There are an important number of areas where business protection insurance can mitigate real financial risks within a business such as a couple of examples below:

  1. Shareholder or Partnership Agreements - the death clause sets out how the business share is to be treated following the death of a shareholder or partner.

    However, what cash is available in the business to fund this? By utilising an appropriately set up insurance policy, the funds can be provided on a timely and tax efficient basis to maintain control of the business for the surviving owners whilst allowing fair value to be provided to the deceased's estate.

  2. New Debt - when debt is utilised to purchase a company or fund growth, it is sensible to implement life insurance on the main individual(s) who deliver the returns. If a death occurs, the business can have a better chance of survival without the debt burden.

We believe our chartered accountancy background along with our business protection specialism places us in a unique position to offer pertinent advice on how the use of life insurance can be used to provide potentially invaluable protection against financial loss for the business.

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