Plan Today.

Protect Tomorrow.

Transparency + Time = Trust.

Over the last 4 years, our core insurance business has worked hard to establish a reputation for providing high quality products by way of truly personal service.

As we have diversified our businesses, we can say that we have won the confidence of our clients by confidently taking care of their business, asset and personal protection needs.

But we have even bigger ambitions. Having already grown our services and with clients across the UK, we're aiming to grow BPS even more, further raising service standards and changing the marketplace along the way.

By ensuring more people benefit from the most appropriate cover and protection planning, delivered by way of the best advice, we'll continue to grow our business by retaining the personal approach.


To be the leading protection specialists, trusted and respected by people who are happy to recommend our services.


As well as drawing on our Chartered Accountancy experience to take a holistic view of all your protection needs, you can be assured that:

  • We deliver appropriate and affordable solutions to real needs
  • We are committed to excellence, integrity and quality
  • We establish and grow long-term relationships with our clients and their advisers
  • We aim to exceed your expectations by delivering an individual, highly efficient, first class service
  • We will ensure you fully understand and have confidence in the bespoke solution we recommend


Whichever brand you deal with, whether Business, Asset or Personal, we listen to your circumstances and specific concerns.

We then assess and address your protection needs - cost effectively and tax efficiently - delivering comprehensive solutions with minimum effort on your part.

Ask us what we can do for you.