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Tax doesn't need to be taxing!

22nd August 2017

The above slogan has been used by HMRC in the past, however it has always struck a chord with us as being often misunderstood.

Now we all agree, no one wants to be handing over any money to HMRC. However where the rules dictate it necessary, it is important to take the right advice so you don't pay a penny more than needed.

In many of our first interactions with new clients, we often discover there is a gap in information flow on how their existing life or critical insurance policies should be treated under different business scenarios. This can lead to incorrect tax treatment of the premiums paid leaving potential liabilities to HMRC.

Don't be left in that scenario, our Chartered Accountant led approach specialises in discussing the various options available to our clients, and as importantly, how each route has different tax treatments.

Business owners we work with want certainty in as many areas of business as possible, so don't leave the life insurance policy treatment to chance.

Talk to us. We can undertake a review, clarify tax treatment and most likely make improvements to the quality of your cover.

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