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Sure all insurance providers are the same... Aren't they?

20th October 2017

How we go the extra mile for our clients.

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Throughout our advisory and chartered accountancy careers, we have been specialists in carrying out the highest quality of due diligence for our clients' benefit. This means we go the extra mile.

A couple of ways we do this:

  1. Using our expertise to find the most appropriate insurance provider for the client's unique circumstances.
  2. Using our relationships with senior underwriters at the insurance providers to obtain the best outcomes for our clients when an application is submitted.

Our clients each have unique health and lifestyle circumstances. Alongside this, each insurance provider has its own attitude to risk on every variable, and it is our team's relentless work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure each client finds their most appropriate insurance provider.

This could be as simple as knowing which insurance provider doesn't mind that you ride a motorbike, but really the more complex disclosures require the most effective due diligence to be carried out by our team.

The right insurance provider is one aspect, the other key aspect is our relationship with those top tier insurance providers and the senior underwriters within.

Our clients do not want or need to be burdened with anything but a smooth & efficient process, however they do need to have the comfort the heavy lifting work is going on behind the scenes to deliver the quality results we are happy to put our name to, and they deserve.

Our working relationships with the senior underwriters of our top tier insurers means we can, in many instances, successfully challenge adverse underwriting decisions made, when we know it is unfair on the client given their unique circumstances.

Do you have the peace of mind that this level of work has went on behind the scenes to place your own or business life insurance at the best quality home?

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