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Sorry, Not Sorry

16th January 2017

We have written many blogs over the past few years. We've explained the importance of making sure you have your critical illness plans reviewed, to how income protection plans work by protecting the one thing upon which your home, your family and your lifestyle depends.

At every annual review, we look at the cover you have in place and how this can be improved.

We go to great lengths in all our dealings with clients to really demonstrate how important this type of financial planning is.

But why?

It's not to set up Direct Debits for you.

As advisers, we aim to make sure that all our clients have a safety net if something goes wrong. We don't ever want to get that phone call to let us know that our client has had an accident, an injury, or just been diagnosed with something that throws their whole life into disarray.

But inevitably, we get them.

The first question is: 'what do I have?'

The next: 'when can I get it?'

Of course no one wants to pay for insurance - it's the one thing you hope you never need. But when that phone call happens, you want to know that financially, you and your family will be fine. And we want to make sure of it.

So if we push you a little harder to consider what we think, based on our years of experience, is a good range of protection for you, it is to make sure that when that phone call comes, all you need to worry about is getting better.

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