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How to Waste £10,000 on Life Cover

13th September 2016

For many people, the thought of reviewing your personal insurance not only gets pushed to the bottom of a to do list, but it also conjures up feelings of doubt and uncertainty.

Do I really need this?

What are the risks?

Am I getting the best deal?

How much do people normally pay for this?

For almost everyone, the answers to these questions are; yes, you do need this, and the risks are much higher than you might think.

However, with regard to getting the best deal and how much is normal to pay - that depends on whether or not you have received advice, or purchased a personal protection insurance policy from a bank, or directly from the insurance company.

The following article from the Sunday Telegraph examines how the costs of the same type of cover can vary from different sources, and notably the best prices are available from brokers and intermediaries.

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Not only can reviewing your insurance with a protection adviser help you actually save money, your adviser will also ensure you are aware of the risks, so you know exactly what you need, and therefore make sure that the money you set aside each month to protect yourself and your family is the best deal you can get.

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