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Growth Mode Engaged... Let's shoot for the stars!
Are you building equity in the business again? Ensure it is protected

27th January 2017

Very few of our clients would say the last decade has been a bed of roses for their business, and many owners say they have been some of the toughest years faced during their business lives.

Let's shoot for the stars!

However, now many of the same businesses are back to growth mode and setting the wheels in motion of ambitious targets they hope to smash.

The once forgotten about investment plans are back in place aimed at growth, and the focus has moved away from damage limitation back to really growing the equity within the business. They are shooting for the stars again.

When growth is the primary objective, it can sometimes be easy to forget to keep the safety nets tracking closely behind. Advisers should be in place to make sure you can keep your eye on the primary objectives whilst having confidence the advice is sound in the background.

We work collaboratively with accountants and solicitors to advise successful businesses on their business protection insurance needs. We understand you need to focus on the growth plans, however correctly recognise the safety net needs to be maintained, as there is always a risk of a fall from grace.

Take the correct advice at the correct time to mitigate against the financial downside risks of a death or critical illness of key people within your business.

You can continue to drive the business forward, and we can provide the clear and concise information you need to put life or critical illness insurance policies in place efficiently to mitigate the risks of irreparable damage.

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