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Albert Einstein - He knew a thing or two about a thing or two...

5th October 2016

A quote we find takes resonance in our approach to business was allegedly made by Albert Einstein:

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

The point of this quote is something we, as a business, focus on delivering to our clients.

We firmly believe a Chartered Accountancy led approach to business protection not only helps us to stand out from the crowd, but also, more importantly, helps to ensure our advice is consistent, professional and yet presented in a straight forward manner to our clients.

Our process of advising our clients is to:

  1. Listen - advice is not about instilling a view on our clients. We listen to each individual business's potential needs and risks, then use our professional experience to discuss solutions.
  2. Share information - we believe, by us having carried out extensive research of the potential options, it allows for open and transparent information to be shared with our clients. This ensures our clients have as much (or as little) detail as they desire throughout the process.
  3. Advise - it seems to be a logical step, but so often overlooked. We provide advice to our clients based on our skill set, experience, and the individual client's circumstances. Sometimes our advice will vary from the initial view of our client, however we are passionate about providing advice, not just being order takers.

The subject we are discussing with our clients, let's face it, isn't the happiest subject. We are the advisers who are there to discuss potentially the darkest days for the business, i.e. overcoming the aftermath of having just lost a key shareholder or employee through death or critical illness, and to provide a suitable financial safety net for the business.

As we aren't fortune tellers, we feel passionately about spending time up front with our clients to highlight what circumstances may arise if one or more of their key cash flow contributors are the unfortunate ones who are hit by the proverbial bus.

Having our clients consider the tough questions allows a plan to be made and, where appropriate, an insurance policy put in place to inject cash into the business when it is potentially needed most. This is one of the reasons our clients appreciate our advice and continue to refer us to their other business connections.

If any of the above resonates with you or your clients, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how our refreshing Chartered Accountancy led approach can assist you and your clients.

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