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Frequently Asked Questions

We're often asked to explain the complex world of business protection, so we've listed some of the most frequently asked questions here. If you don't find the answer you're looking for here, give us a call at anytime.

What is business protection?

The right business protection will help give you certainty about business continuity and succession.

In general, business protection is the appropriate and tax efficient structuring of life insurance and/or critical illness cover to counter the financial fallout associated with the death or illness of a business partner or key employee.

Why should we trust BPS Business with our biggest asset - our business?

It's what we stake our reputation on. Hundreds of individuals, business partners and their families have already trusted Business Protection Solutions (UK) Limited, now trading as BPS Business, to protect tens of millions of pounds of their businesses.

We're committed to building our business by ensuring yours is properly protected, so you'll benefit from superior advice from an experienced protection advisor, who draws on his Chartered Accountancy background to specialise in helping business owners address these specific issues. We are confident that the advice we provide is transparent and trustworthy and, where relevant, advise our clients to involve their accountant and legal adviser in the process.

How much does the advice cost?

Our advice to you is free. Our business model means that we don't charge you any fees. If you choose to implement the recommended policy or policies, BPS Business gets a commission from the insurance company. These commissions are 100% transparent.

There is never a fee for our services. And that's something that we are proud of and will continue to protect. Because, no matter how great or small your needs are, you can still afford the best possible advice.

How much of your time do we need?

We can't say exactly until we know what exactly it is you need. What we can say is that our approach is to minimise your time, involvement and workload, making protecting your future as easy as possible.

So we've spent time making sure the process is efficient and easy to understand. We're also able to work around your busy diary.

On average, and including an initial consultation, the process can take up as little as 2 hours of your time. This may be input over a number of weeks via face to face meetings, phone calls and a telephone medical questionnaire.

We have insurances in place. Surely we are OK?

There's a good chance you are. However, there's a chance you are not.

Did you get your Accountant or Solicitor to review your current policy when you were setting it up? Have your circumstances changed or has your business grown?

Fundamentally, every insurance policy written for a business purpose was done so to solve a specific potential problem.

We'd be happy to review your arrangements and give you best advice for free.

What is a trust?

Essentially, a trust allows you to make a gift without giving the person any control of the gifted property. There are a number of different trusts that we recommend, depending on the exact circumstances.

I own the business by myself. Do I need it?

Business Protection can be even more important if you are the sole owner: what happens if you need to take extended time off? Would your business survive your prolonged absence and how would your family and staff manage? BPS Business can deliver the specific solutions sole business owners need for peace of mind.

It will never happen to me. Will it?

Most people think this way. Unfortunately, a lot of people often need to make a claim to protect their business, livelihood and/or income. You most probably know someone who is off work, long term, maybe had a health scare, is critically ill or has recently died.

You cannot predict if you will become ill, but you can plan to be prepared for any financial fallout should illness come your way.

The fortunate ones are those who have put protection in place.

We would be able to manage. Wouldn't we?

Only you know your business and the answer to this question. It's something you need to think about now, maybe even plan for. Without business protection in place, you could find out the answer the hard way.

We have discussed business succession and have talked about what we would do. That is enough - isn't it?

Unless your discussions have been legally documented they carry very little weight should the worst happen. Find out what your options are regarding formalising your business succession plan.

We have a shareholder or partnership agreement in place?

This is an important step in protecting your business and your lifestyle. However, on the assumption you get first refusal of purchasing the deceased's share should your business partner die, have you considered where you are going to get the cash to fund this purchase?

I am a Chartered Accountant and I have clients that need to take steps to protect their business. What should I do?

Call us. We'd be more than happy to talk you through what we do and how we can help your clients protect their businesses.

Please be assured:

  • We will never contact your client without your prior approval.
  • We do not offer any accountancy services.
  • We value long term working relationships and want to ensure your clients benefit from a high quality service you're confident to recommend.
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