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The Benefit of Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you are unable to make decisions for yourself in life because of illness or injury, Power of Attorney means that those decisions will be made by someone who knows you well and has your best interests at heart.

Without them, those decisions may be made by the courts.

What is it for?

Growing older, loss of mobility, illness or injury can make it difficult to manage your affairs. This can become stressful if bills go unpaid or you are unable to manage your personal affairs and welfare.

What does it do?

By creating a Power of Attorney in advance, ensures that if the worst were to happen, you can rest assured that both your financial affairs and personal welfare are in safe hands.

Having someone you know and trust and more importantly understands you, to manage your affairs, is far more preferable than a court official.

How does it work?

Power of Attorney gives someone you trust the legal right to manage your affairs if you are physically or mentally unable to.

In practical terms, that would mean that that if you are incapacitated, your chosen family member or friend could deal with your bank, solicitor, estate agent and government agencies, making sure your affairs are kept in order.

Do I need it?

We all like to think that we will never need this kind of planning. The truth is that a lot of people would benefit from having a Power of Attorney in place. If the unthinkable happens, you can be confident that someone you trust is managing your finances and other affairs. Without planning for this, you may end up incurring the costs of a court appointed official to tend to your financial wellbeing.

What are my options?

Ask us - we make planning for Lasting Power of Attorney quick and easy because we ask the right questions, research your options and present the best, most cost-effective solution.

You can be confident in advice provided by an experienced Chartered Accountant with years of experience of helping individuals and their families to address these issues.

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