Plan Today.

Protect Tomorrow.

When it comes to protecting your assets, we are the approachable experts.

Having developed a reputation for delivering tailored business protection solutions through the highly personal service that is embedded into our core business, BPS Business, it felt natural to diversify our client-centred approach into other areas.

In fact, our clients demanded it.


Our Asset Protection services have grown organically and are delivered with the same emphasis on individual solutions that confidently protect your assets and deliver not only on cost but in terms of added value.

A key element of protecting your business, home and financial future is making a comprehensive Will that takes into account your future needs.

You can trust BPS Asset to give you the same high level of advice and service we give to all our clients, making sure you benefit from the most professional service.

We also understand that making a Will is something most people put off because they see it as a difficult process. You can be confident that we'll make the process as easy and convenient as possible, while still also being thorough and professional. And we can meet with you when and where it suits you.

Because we're not just with you for business. We're with you for life.


Whilst reviewing our insurance cover, we took the opportunity to make sure we had valid Wills in place. The process was simple and informative.

My accountant recommended we speak to BPS to review our insurance. We found it very convenient to also get our Wills written at the same time

John was able to quickly advise me on the risks that my son and I faced without a Will.

The process was quick and efficient and I feel so much better now I have finally addressed this.